"Asim Kocabiyik", large scale hyperrealist portrait sculpture commissioned by  The Borunsan Contemporary Art Collection  , Istanbul

"Asim Kocabiyik", large scale hyperrealist portrait sculpture commissioned by The Borunsan Contemporary Art Collection , Istanbul

The Commission Process

Commissioning a portrait or any type of sculpture can be an immensely rewarding experience, both for the client and the artist. 

Using both traditional methods combined with modern technologies such as 3D modeling, scanning and 3D printing we are able to offer a wide range of sculpture services, while remaining on schedule and on budget. 

We work with a broad spectrum of clients and have produced works of art for private collections, museums, religious organizations and corporations all around the world. 

If you are thinking about having either a personal piece of art commissioned or have an important project for your organization, here are some things to consider beforehand. It is our goal to work with you to produce a work of art that is completely unique and custom made to meet your highest expectations.     


Material consideration

Owing to the style of work that is exhibited on this website, our clients usually commission artworks in a similar medium, that is platinum silicone rubber used in conjunction with other mixed media materials to create hyper realistic portraits.

However, we can produce artworks in a variety of other mediums such as bronze, cold cast materials, fiberglass/epoxy resins etc. Cold cast pieces are a good option if you are on a tighter budget as they can be created with the nearly identical look and feel of a variety of different materials such as bronze, brass, copper, gold, stone, marble, wood, glass, etc. They are also extremely durable.

Another very important thing to consider right at the start, is where the finished sculpture will be placed. The mixed media silicone rubber sculptures exhibited on this website are not designed to be placed outdoors, as they cannot get wet or be exposed to the elements.  If that is your purpose, there are other material options to consider, such as hot Cast Bronze, different resins or cold cast materials. We can help you decide which works best for your purposes. 



Size Consideration

Where do you intend on displaying your portrait? On a table, a part of your room, in a large hall? Whatever it may be, please make sure that you measure the space if there are any restrictions. Clients usually order a size between 30 - 200% life-size, but if you need something else, please let us know. You may have the portrait made as a head only, head and chest, or entire body.

Time Consideration

Several factors such as the work size, complexity, your location and our schedule at the time can affect the time it takes to complete a portrait. Contact us to discuss your needs and we`ll do our best to accommodate you.



Having the subject available for live sittings is always the preferred method for creating a portrait, however, we realize this is not always practical or possible. We regularly work with just photo reference to produce portraits. If you are submitting photos, the best results can be achieved if the following guidelines are kept in mind:  


  • Take clear photos using a proper digital camera if possible. Using a tripod will produce the sharpest images. Try to stand back and zoom in on the subject rather than getting to close, as this will distort the image. 

  • If using a smartphone, do not stand to close to the subject when taking photos as it will also distort the image.

  • If possible, take a series of photos all around the subject at 1/8 increments. Most important angles are: face on, 3/4 face (left and right), profile (left and right) and back of head. The more photos the better. Especially important are good profile shots of the head. Without the profile shot, there is a lot of guess work and it may not be possible to create an accurate likeness, but we will always try our best if it simply isn`t available.